Tuesday, July 1, 2008

for my bestfriend

© rljc-p

Do you remember ?
Our high school days
We have to be strong
Remember the good and
the bad times we had

As friends, we stick together
But, change came like the weather
We parted ways
Do you still remember?
It has been too long
Since we’ve seen each other

I remember …
The laughter’s, the pain
the dreams we’ve shared
The times
We’ve been stupid, and carefree

I remember you…
You have always cared ,
the wind beneath my wings
Now, as we look behind
The road we traveled
We took different paths
but remained the same
And remember
we will always be the best of friends.
To ping -
thank you best for always remembering ....i will always be grateful for the friendship that we have shared.
- rona