Saturday, June 14, 2008

Looking Back.

Nostalgic attacks always brought back my childhood years, I do quite have a happy childhood, and it's quite interesting. Growing up in different environment at almost every stages of my life has taken its toll on me when i reach secondary level.Having born in a place so far away from home and never seeing it until now, wow that is one my frustrations actually.Spending my preschool years in a quiet and scenic miramar subdivision in talisay, bacolod city where our little bungalow and tatay's big office compound stand amidts the long stretch of haciendas, surrounded by guava trees overlooking a river running through the beach will always be the most memorable and beautiful place my family has resided through the years.But sad to say, after many years my excitement was dampened upon passing there unexpectedly, to see that it was no longer the same paradise now as it used to be...

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