Monday, June 16, 2008

memory lane

i have short but vivid memories of my childhood days, but i cherish every memory of it. We used to transfer from one place to another due to my dad's work, in fact my brood was a mixture of different places and cultures .First there was my hometown Iloilo,where my two elder sisters (ate weng and ate rose) were born, then Dumaguete City, my birthplace of which until now i haven't seen what it looks like,next was Roxas City of Capiz where my brother bong was born and then we moved again to Bacolod City, Negros Occidental where again my brother Ron the fifth was born. Then the youngest Gievon came and yes we are living in Cebu City that time. Sometimes i think what my life would have been had we stayed at only one place,but truth is, i would have preferred it this way,i became a better person, more diversed, having been a part of so many rich cultures and traditions. Thank you tatay for that opportunity.