Friday, November 28, 2008


Love is not a single act, but a climate in which we live.A lifetime venture we are always learning,discovering and growing.It is not destroyed by a single failure or won by a caress.Love is a climate of the heart.
Love is a question we have always attempted to answer in more than one-way. This only shows that it is quite impossible to grasp and comprehend the totality of its being.But we try don't we?We try and find out by getting hurt. We try and find out.
When you enter a relationship, when you commit yourself, you must bear in mind that you are also sharing a part of yourself to a stranger who by mere chance or destined fate you happen to like and love.In doing so, you take the risk.He is a different person that is why you shouldn't expect him to be like you. To posess the same thoughts, to own the same emotions.You love him because he is he and not because he is you. This being so you learn to accept him in his totality as a person.Growth is brought about by your differences, which in one way or another cultivate the relationship.It is important to remember that trust is a vital element of any relationship. Unconditional trust.No ifs, no buts.
When you love, honestly love, then you must be willing to sacrifice. There are times when hurt goes deep, when the pain is almost unbearable, when you are about to give up.But loving is not giving up easily.It is being there when all has been done. When there is very little strength left.When it is too much to stand.Loving is trusting.Loving is letting be.
Nobody promised you a garden of rose. But you are a promise. Get the best out of life. Love and get hurt.Get hurt and learn.Learn and love again.It is a cycle of being. Experience the cycle.Experience love.LOVE AND LIVE.

(Author unknown)

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