Monday, November 17, 2008

a tribute to where I am...

The first time I came here to actually live, I cried bucket of tears. Yes. I did say bucket.I thought I could not survive in a place where there are no malls, fancy restaurants, fastfoods, hotels, theaters& cinemas, night places to go for barkada gimmicks not even a Jollibee. The place had only one big but not so complete supermart,one wet market, and a few business establishments.I could not imagine myself at first, how can I survive in this place when back home SM City was just a 3minute ride from my house?
But 8 years later and looking back ....whew! I surely have come a long way. I guess one way it subdued the gimikera image of me and made me appreciate that simple things in life I used to take for granted.
This island where I live now is a thing of beauty.They call it undiscovered paradise.Well, I wanted to post here pictures depicting what this island has to offer.
In the map, it looks like just a speck atop one of the main islands of the Visayas,in the Philippines.
Ahhhh...I think I got one. We are always present on the list whenever there's a typhoon.Mostly if we are not under signal number 1, it will be 2 or 3 or worse the center of the typhoon.In fact in my 8years of existing here,I have lost count of the number of typhoon hits that we have had.
This is our Pier ...... On the way to Naval...Going to the market...
Here are some pictures I've got from the web.But I will be posting my own pics any day soon.

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