Thursday, September 25, 2008

Angel in Disguise

Everyday we encounter angels in our lives,maybe we just don't recognize them right away because they come in many disguises.I believe that this story related to me by my parents is one example of this.

The month of June is unforgettable for the people in the City of Love.The supertyphoon Frank just lashed its strong winds and rains in the city causing flash flood and taking many lives and resources.My parents went out to help my brother and sister who were victims of the flood,but while on their way they were met with strong currents of flood water, floating furniture and appliances from damaged houses.No matter how dangerous it may seem they continued to swim their way and clung on to each other,all the time thinking about my siblings but nearing the bridge (which by that time is already underwater),they were pulled away from the street and guided into a two story building.Then they were not permitted to go out, because they said all the houses in the bridge are washed away and that it will be impossible for them to go across.They all went to the rooftop when the water reach the second level of the building, there they waited until the wee hours of the morning.All my parents could do was pray for the safety of my brother and sister.
Soaking wet and shivering, they were given dry clothes and food by the owner and made their stay as comfortable as it can be.
As soon as it was okay to tread the ground, my parents proceeded,they passed by many drowned victims along the way.When they reached our place there they found my brother and sister safe and sound.They were able to come to our house before it was too late.
Until now my parents cannot stop talking about that kind person who saved them.For me she is one of the angels in disguise.I know I can never thank her enough, but nevertheless I will always bear in my heart my deep gratitude for her. Thank you so much and God Bless you and your Family.

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