Sunday, September 28, 2008

on being a blogger

Tired from the pressure of my job,and with my beloved working oceans and oceans away from me, i usually come home everyday exhausted and oftentimes irritated.Only the kids can ease my weariness away,but when a friend suggested I try blogging,it instantly changed my life or rather the routine of my life.Let me put it into other words,whenever I visit my site and breathe in how I have come this far,I feel this other kind of happiness I never thought there is.It is therapeutic for me and at the same time it became an outlet to air what's on my mind, what I like best and what my preferences are.It's like my personal diary that is being used to amuse, inform and inspire my fellow beings.
I may be not the best in this field but I love what I'm doing and what's important is that doing this makes me happy.
And this goes out to all blogger in the world.

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