Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Fairytale Love Story

My father and mother are both from the city of Iloilo. I am the third child in a brood of six. When I was 9 years old, my family moved to Cebu City in line with my father’s job. During church meeting, I met a very cute boy who at first sight became my crush. He was a year older than me, his family was from the States. Although his dad is from Davao and his mom is from Leyte, he grew up in the States , in Hawaii and California.
At a very young age, my admiration for him blossomed into infatuation though no one ever knew about it. We have talked several times over church activities and in front of him I would always appear uninterested. But my heart is flipping inside me you bet. Alone, I would picture him to be my prince charming. He was like a dream for me, I could never imagine him liking someone as simple as me.
I carried that feeling all throughout my elementary days, until I reached grade 6 where he sometimes pass by our room on his way to their campus which was behind our building. Those days were my happiest. When I graduated elementary, I said to myself this could be my chance to be near him coz I’ll be going in the same school as his. But I found out later that his family transferred to Davao. I felt I died that day. How cruel, I never had the chance to take a glimpse of him before he went away. Eventually all my zest in life vanished, I went to school everyday wishing one day he would come back and he would be there in front of me flashing me that cute smile.
On my 2nd year of high school, my family also went back to Iloilo. I never heard from him since then, but always he remained as my secret fairytale. My life in Iloilo turned out great. I met new friends, and begin soaring new horizons. Somehow the new place pulled me back to life again. I became very active in school, in academic and extra-curricular activities, excelling in both. I had a fair share of suitors but for a long time I stood my distance from them not until in my last year of high school, where I got myself a boyfriend. He was the most intelligent boy in school. Our class valedictorian. But our puppy love didn’t work out because of our differences, primarily… religion. I worked myself through college, having part time jobs in between study loads. My family had a financial crisis that time.
Year 1997, after 7 years, I received a letter from my childhood fairytale. He said they are living in the island of Biliran, an island located at the northern part of Leyte. That he had graduated from Marine Engineering and that he was preparing for his mission. He said too that he finds me beautiful. I really screamed with delight after reading his letter. I felt so happy deep inside. I prepared a reply for his letter, but I never sent one. I think deep inside me I was afraid to try. I don’t want my dream to burst into bubbles if it turned out to be a joke. I convinced myself over and over again that he would never choose girls like me. He sent me another letter, again it went unanswered though at that time I really want to write him but I thought by the time I sent my reply, he would again be gone, off to his mission.
Well Im just glad he turned out to be a fine young man, still active in the church. My wish is that someday, somehow we will meet each other again.
Life went on for me and I never heard from him again. I met another guy, I said to myself that maybe I should forget about my dream and face reality. Our relationship was not perfect but I just let myself be contented. Year 2000 I left for the city of Tacloban in Leyte to accompany my older sister because her husband was assigned there so I went through the urgings of my mom. I don’t know why I left my good paying job, my friends, my boyfriend, my life in Iloilo at that time but I felt I was looking for something else.
October 22, 2000 when after 13 long years, we finally met again in the church. It was truly one of the most unbelievable times in my life. Who would have thought that we will meet again? Truly my wish was granted, my dream has come true.
December 11,2000, we got married in Iloilo City.
After seven years of marriage, we are blessed with 2 cute kids, a girl and a baby boy. Although our married life has gone through a series of toss and turns, I will always be blessed and grateful to Heavenly Father for giving me this wonderful chance of sharing life with a very special person like him, my husband. He was truly a dream come true for me.
For Daddy Ken….thank you for awakening the best in me. I LOVE YOU.


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