Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ken gave me this on my 29th Birthday...

Love Rona Lee Joy
Heavenly Fathers Gift to Me

I thank Heavenly Father for the gift He has given me

A gift - who has accepted me of who I am
A gift - who always trust me and believes in me
A gift - who will hold on to me through our rough trials
A gift - who can never stop showing the meaning of love
A gift - who can make you smile, laugh, cry, angry,argue,strong,wrestle and more
A gift - who will comfort you to kneel together and always bring hope and faith
A gift - who wants to live together in the Celestial Glory with the family
A gift - who gave me two beautiful little young images of our likeness
A gift - I will LOVE and TREASURE for all ETERNITY
For what more can I ask from our Heavenly Father?
Happy Birthday Love. I Love You So Much!

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