Friday, October 31, 2008

All Saints Day, Nov. 1 in the Philippines

All Saints Day falls on a Saturday this year, and its gonna be tomorrow.Thankfully, work's until half-day only so I can spend the afternoon at the cemetery. I have announced early that I would be going and visit my loved ones since I wasn't able to do last year because of my work. I've already bought flowers at the "tabo" this afternoon, it was nice though for only 150 php.It's a bundle of anthuriums,morning glory, baby's breathe and those tiny yellow and white flowers that looks like mini morning glorys. It's just me and Shan this time, all of them are not available.I can't help but be teary eyed thinking how we used to be complete during these times, visiting and cleaning there.
I'm a bit sad coz' I won't be able to visit my own grandpa's grave because I am miles away.I promise that I will visit him when I go back home this Christmas.
I am crying now...ohhh, such a crybaby of me, sorry I can't help it.Tomorrow, Nov. 1, is also a special day for me.It was the time I fell in love with him.You might think it's weird but when cupid's arrow struck,you can't really choose the date haha. And he's so far away right now that I miss him so much.Nahhh....this is the life of a seafarer's wife.
Back to my topic....
Way back when I was young, in my howmtown Iloilo, my Lola would cook usually native "kakanin's", but here, they don't practice it.I totally miss my Lola's cooking. I am quite surprise by the tradition here because food has always been a part of the celebration.Well, so much for comparison, I really have to sleep early tonight so I'll be ready tomorrow. I know we have to clean the place.

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