Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Christmas is fast approaching...

The starting of months ending with "ber" usually means that Christmas is fast approaching, and Christmastime is my favorite part of the year.I have lots of reasons as to why : during this time of the year I usually take a leave from work and visit my family in my hometown and celebrate our yearly family reunion,that December is our wedding anniversary month and December 10 is the birthday of my beloved Nanay Neneng,I'm usually at my happiest during the Christmas season most especially because we get to celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.This year, I already made a list of things to buy for the family.I'm going to post it here lest' I forget about it.

1. Smart link phone kit for ken.
2. Treadmill for me.
3. Tom and Jerry stuffed toy for dale.
4. A new barbie doll for ate kc.
5. Round table for Nay and Tay.
6. Dress for Lola.

might as well start looking right now to avoid the holiday rush...


KrAzE said...

You shouldnt give away your gift ideas! they might read this and know!

Rona said...


haha, not to worry, all of them doesn't have online connections as of this time.I'm still safe. Btw, thanks for dropping by.