Monday, October 13, 2008

What gift to give?

I have posted here a picture during that flood.

I have been wondering what gift to give for the kind angel who saved my parent's lives during that flood in my hometown, you must have read or heard about it in the news somewhere.I have been thinking of thanking her personally but the shy person that I am I guess that seems to be impossible.Writing her a letter of thank you perhaps?, I think she deserves much better.Maybe I'll try sending her flowers with thank you notes. I know that no material thing can ever surpass the kind deed that she has done to my parents. I, from the deepest of my heart would like to thank YOU... MA'AM for saving two precious people in my life.I realized that one way of returning the kindness that we have received is to give it back also to those who need it most. I hope that there are more angels like you that roam this world that we live in. God Bless You and your Family!

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