Saturday, October 25, 2008

a little something for nanay

My mom-in- law and I recently went to a Chinese shop selling porcelain jars and decorations, they were giving out leaflets stating that they are on clearance sale for the Chinese new year.Nay said she really like something there and when I saw it I think it was really a beauty.
I would like to describe it but I think I better take some snaps and post it here, um or maybe post what's inside the shop. Of course we ended up buying the jar , the original price was Php 22,000 or so the tag says,the owner said it has handcrafted designs, which are more intricate than painted ones but because they are on sale from 20 to 90 %,we got it for only Php 3,800 after much haggling. I told nanay it would be our advanced christmas gift to her since I won't be here for the holiday.I also bought something but I can't describe how beautiful it is, maybe make another post about it next week , with the picture and all.
Ciao for now!

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