Friday, October 24, 2008


I woke up this morning feeling really low. Perhaps because i'm depressed with something.Ate KC has been chosen to be Miss Japan for their school's United Nations Celebration and the program was held this morning.I was not able to attend, apparently because I'm miles and miles away. I really wanted to, I know she will be happy if I'll be there but it just wont do for now. In my mind it was just so simple to think of taking the plane and going there but in reality it's not that easy.But I promised her that as soon as my purpose here is done, I will be going home and that would be soon.Anyway I have asked my younger brother to take pictures and send it to my cp but my cp can't receive multi-media message, it sez on the screen duh ;).Deal with it later.

Hah, feeling better now. I didn't go to work today. Not just on my element.I spent the whole day musing.hmmp.

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