Friday, October 24, 2008


This is Boracay. Bathe in its beauty!

The world-famous island of Boracay is located in Aklan province 345 kms. South of Manila. The island is accessible by air from Manila or Cebu through two principal gateways: Caticlan airport or Kalibo airport.
Yahoo! Travel just announced The World’s Most Popular Beaches of 2007, and on top of the list is our very own Boracay Island in Aklan.

I have been there twice. The first time was during the Holy Week where my barkadas and fellow workers spent 3days of our holiday vacation.It took my breathe away the first moment I laid my eyes on the island.I couldn't believe I am touching its white fine sands with my own two feet.We were supposed to be bonding there as friends but because of isssues and misunderstandings, I didn't quite enjoy.But don't take me wrong, it's not because of the place, it's because of the people I am with.Still, it is my favorite place on earth.
The second time was more memorable, coz I was with my loved ones and I totally enjoyed every minute I was there, partaking of it's beauty. Whenever I gaze into the green sparkling sea, I feel so calm and serene, that it seems all my problems are gone.Pardon me if I was being too wordy but this is my way of sharing my beautiful experience in Boracay. And if its not yet too much to ask from Ken, maybe we can go back there for summer next year? Just hoping huh. :0)
Well anyway, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.I still have five months to prep.

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