Wednesday, October 8, 2008

gym anyone?

I will never forget this date : October 6,2008.This is the first time I hit the gym together with my co-workers.I was feeling so confident and bubbly by the time we finished our registration and paid Php 400.00 for a month's membership.Everything seem to work out fine, I did the warming up routine beaming(saying to myself, at last i'm on the first step in reaching my goal-that is to loose weight).I was instructed to step on the treadmill first, then the bicycle or whatever it was, then something like a pedal (when you step on the pedals, both your hands and feet are alternately moving.I was laughing at myself at first, I didn't quite mind that I was feeling nauseated already,I continue doing the routine although I was feeling so tired and hungry and thirsty.Then a sudden blackness enveloped me,I was at the verge of falling when I reached for a chair and sat down.The instructor approached me and asked if I was feeling ill.I said yes and asked for water.When he gave me the water he said I was not looking too good, my lips are ashen white and my face looks so pale.That's when I began to feel afraid, I immediately prayed for my safety.After a while my companions approached me and offered to take me home, they weren't aware about what happened to me coz they're quite far from me.By that time,my vision had returned to normal, I was not dizzy anymore so I agreed to go home.
This is my first gym experience.I think I'm going back to playing badminton.

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